The Icon Grab Bag: The Top 50 Sources for Free Designer Icons

Posted by Justin

Do you feel like something is missing from your site? Do you want to give your design a little snap? Make your site stand out with icons! When used correctly icons can add flavor and character to your site. Below are the top 50 sources for designer icons for use on your website:

  1. – PSD icons
    Lots and lots of sets of free icons that you can use in PSD and on the web.
  2. Websiteicons
    Another free icon website with plenty of different styles and colors to choose from.
  3. Website Icons : Free Pixel Icons
    This site has a large number of icons split into categories like CMS, blogs and more.
  4. graphicPush: Free Blog Icons
    A website featuring lots of free packs of icons.
  5. Beauticons
    Beauticons is a website that offers free and custom (non-free) icons of many styles and varieties.
  6. IconBuffet | Free Delivery
    The free section of icons at IconBuffet. There are hundreds to choose from here.
  7. silvestre | Yasis
    Yasis stands for Yet Another Scalable Icon Set. These icons were made for GNOME but can be used anywhere.
  8. silvestre | Dropline Neu
    Another “made for GNOME” set that is very nice looking.
  9. silvestre | Dropline Etiquette
    Dropline Etiquette is a very vibrant set of icons with a black outline.
  10. silvestre | Dropline Nuovo
    Dropline Nuovo is a softer, pastel sort of icon set. Very minimal outline, very pleasing to the eye.
  11. Mini Icons
    Tiny, shiny and nice! These pint-sized icons will work well on many designs.
  12. Silk Icons
    Silk is a very popular set of icons. Heck, even the Webdeveloper Toolbar for Firefox uses them.
  13. Flag Icons
    Flag icons for every country you can think of!
  14. Bitcons : SOME RANDOM DUDE
    A nice set of pixel icons with a very subtle red gradient.
  15. – Free Icons
    DesignMagus has a variety of free icons available on their site.
  16. strawbee – Tiny Little Icons
    Another set of pixel icons, most of these have green accents.
  17. ColoCons 1 – Free Icons
    Red, shiny orbs with a hint of Web 2.0 reflections. These are very catchy icons.
  18. Sweetie
    A very light and pleasant set of icons.
  19. Marko’s Place in Cyberspace
    A small set of icons available in 32*32, 24*24 and 16*16.
  20. Markup Icons
    Simple but useful sets of icons.
  21. Feed Icons
    Feed Icons is a really cool project that is try to make a standard feed icon for RSS feeds. He has many different sizes and colors on his site for download.
  22. twotone icons for free!
    Plenty of two-tone icons in a variety of colors!
  23. Drunkey Love Icon Set
    A set of 100 16*16 png format icons for whatever use you can think of.
  24. Greyscale
    A grey color set of icons completely free of charge. Very nice!
  25. Mini Pixel Icons
    N.Design Studios has designed a set of icons for everything from blogs to e-commerce.
  26. Everaldo: Crystal
    21.6 MB of beautiful KDE style icons. All the icons are png format and come in sizes up to 256 pixels.
  27. Deziner Folio – Web 2.0 Badges
    Head on over and grab your free Web 2.0 style badges.
  28. Deziner Folio – Aqua Gloss Icons
    Free icons done in the style of Aqua.
  29. (max)Icons – WebFruit
    25 png format icons from WebFruit. Very good quality.
  30. 77 Vector Buttons
    The title pretty much says it all. The icons come in jpeg or Adobe Illustrator format. Perfect for web forms.
  31. CocoaDev. RoyaltyFreeIcons
    Beautiful Mac OSX style icons for use on your website or blog.
  32. UtomBox icons
    Icons for YouTube, Flickr, Technorati, RSS and more done a neat 3D style.
  33. Web 2.0 Date Icons for Your Blog
    Euphorish published a set of calendar type icons for use on your blog.
    This site specializes in icons for applications, but the icons are just regular png format so they can be used anywhere.
  35. stylegala | Bullet Madness
    Stylegala has created a list of hundreds of different icons perfect for bullet items and more.
  36. Icons for Web 2.0 Social Bookmarks
    Very cool and shiny icons for all your favorite Web 2.0 sites. Digg, and more.
  37. Circular Feed Icons
    A variation on the standard RSS feed icon, these are trendy and round versions.
  38. Social Bookmark Iconset
    A set of round icons for all your favorite social sites!
  39. Zeusbox Studio – Feed Icons
    This site has some pretty cool looking feed icons and even a few folder icons as well.
  40. HoHoHo! Design
    These icons pretty much as small as you can get before they become unusable. Very precise pixel icons here.
  41. PixelPressIcons.Com – Royalty Free Icons
    PixelPressIcons gives out a collection of pixel icons for a wide variety of internet applications.
  42. liquidcity – 165 Icons
    liquidcity has an excellent set of 165 vector icons in multiple colors.
  43. Taylor McKnight
    Taylor McKnight has a huge collection of pixel badges from all over the net and has made them available to us for free.
  44. pinvoke – Icons and pixel fonts
    Very colorful and shiny Web 2.0 style icons free for personal and commercial use.
  45. ExplodingBoy Pixel Icons
    31 free pixel icons from ExplodingBoy.
  46. 72 Free Vector Glass Buttons and Bars
    Bittbox is nice enough to supply us with vector format icons for our site. You can edit these in Illustrator.
  47. Symbol Signs: Society & Environment
    AIGA has published 50 passenger/pedestrian symbols that would make perfect icons. Available in .eps or .gif format.
  48. Free Tiny Small Icons & Bullets
    Just like the title says, this site has tiny icons and bullets all for free! There’s a good variety here.
  49. Microformats Icons
    Microformats are really beginning to catch on. Grab yourself some free microformat icons!
  50. Sizcons – Random Jabber
    Very nice icons that would work great in both web design and web applications.

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    An impressive list of icons, thank you for the wonderful information, a greeting.

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    Thanks a lot for listing my icons here! :)

  3. PraP - November 28th, 2007

    handy icon collection

  4. Katrineholm's Rude Abstract Paintings - November 29th, 2007

    I appreciate what you’ve done collecting all the links together.

  5. Danny Outlaw - December 3rd, 2007

    sweet list. I just used some of the icons for my design blog!

  6. Mary Stanton - December 5th, 2007

    Wow – great set of resources. Xmas has come early

  7. Geoff Dodd - Australia - December 24th, 2007

    I agree with you. In business you need the right images and icons. These convey a thousand words about your services. Thanks for info.

  8. Martin - March 4th, 2008

    Very nice list of useful grapfics. THX !

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    Just bookmarked it, great resource page, thanks!

  10. Djacir Porto - May 19th, 2008

    Great sets. Bookmarked! Thanks.

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