20 Sources for Outstanding Photoshop Brushes

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Having a wide variety of brushes gives designers a larger toolset when creating images. Grunge brushes can be used to create a textured site design, floral brushes can help fill empty voids and even more brushes can be used to create nice little touches. Below is a collection of resources for expanding your Adobe Photoshop brush palette:

  1. Free Brushes at Brusheezy!
    This site has a very large collection of high quality brushes.
  2. PS Brushes.net – Photoshop Brushes
    This site currently has 511 quality brushes of all varieties.
  3. Getbrushes.com – 150+ High Quality Brushes
    Like the name implies, get all your photoshop brushes here.
  4. Designfruit » Photosho Brushes
    Amazing photoshop brushes made by Design Fruit. All the brushes are also available for purchase as vectors.
  5. Photoshop Support – Photoshop Brushes
    A mix of swirling and stylish brushes.

  6. 500ml Brushes
    56 varieties of vintage style brushes.
  7. In Obscuro | Adobe Photosho Brushes
    Over 150 brushes including paper texters and lace.
  8. Photoshop Brushes on deviantART
    This is probably one of the largest and most varied collection of Photoshop brushes on the web.
  9. Top Brushes – May ’06 to May ’07
    A bitorrent of nearly 1000 brushes.
  10. hawksmont Universe » Photoshop Brushes
    Very high quality brush sets from hawksmont Universe.
  11. r0man.de – Brushes
    Good quality “light” brushes for making stylish designs in headers and backgrounds.
  12. 22Pixels | Full Brush Packs for Photoshop
    A collection of brushes 22Pixels.
  13. BittBox | Free Watercolor Photoshop Brushes
    Insanely high resolution watercolor Photoshop brushes.
  14. Blinding Light – Download PS Brushes
    Another large sampling of brushes, mostly swirly style.
  15. jeffsdigital.com – Photoshop Brushes
    5 sets of Photoshop brushes from jeffsdigital.com.
  16. Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 40
    Really awesome and extremely large watercolor brushes.
  17. Weekly Download: Custom Brushes for Photoshop
    Very nice size grunge brushes for Photoshop.
  18. spy.glass.net…..brushes
    There are some very unusual categories for these brushes, going from “blood” to “checkmate”. Very good brushes though.
  19. Celestial Star | Brushes for Photoshop
    8 pages of brushes ranging from Grunge to Star Trails.
  20. Obsidian Dawn: Photoshop Brushes
    Obsidian Dawn brings us another collection of brushes.

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