18 Excellent Sources for Free Photoshop Patterns

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Now that fixed width layouts are all the craze, what are we to do with all that blank background space? You could go the tried-and-true route with a gradient, but it doesn’t always add much to the background. Why not add some beauty and texture by having a pattern take up some space?

Using this collection of links you should be able to find the perfect background to fill the void in your design!

  1. Squidfingers – Patterns
    158 free patterns from Squidfingers.
  2. Brusheezy – Patterns
    Lots of patterns available for download. The site even includes a rating system to see what others thought of them.
  3. Photoshop Patterns @ deviantART
    A TON of free patterns by Deviant Art users.
  4. BioRUST.com :: Adobe Photoshop Patterns
    Free photoshop patterns from Biorust.
  5. TipClique Photoshop Patterns – Set 001
    5 high resolution Photoshop patterns. Be sure to check the site for collections 2 and 3.

  6. Photoshop Ninja Noise Patterns Vol 1
    Photoshop noise patterns from Photoshop Ninja.
  7. Photoshop Patterns From Art Photos On Webshots
    Webshots brings us 5 pages worth of Photoshop patterns.
  8. Photoshop Patterns – DigiScrapDepot.com
    A few Photoshop patterns from DigiScrapDepot.
  9. Photoshop Patterns by Shelby Kate Schmitz
    Lots of patterns for Photoshop 7 or higher. Supports both Windows and Mac.
  10. Photoshop Patterns by Athryius Designs
    36 decorative patterns from Athryius Designs.
  11. Kaliber10000 {The Pixel Patterns Collection}
    Very professional looking patterns from Kaliber10000.
  12. Photoshop Patterns | Alice Grafixx
    Alice Grafixx brings us 38 pages of patterns.
  13. Patterns from ::: Screentones :::
    Textures, backgrounds and images for comic-style Photoshops.
  14. Patterns at -=KLEKART=-
    Very nice Photoshop patterns by an aspiring Illustrator.
  15. 1001 Tours – Photoshop Pattern Downloads
    Photoshop patterns from 1001 Tours.
  16. Photoshop Patterns @ DinPattern
    4 pages of high quality patterns here.
  17. Design Spice – Free Photoshop Patterns
    65 simple Photoshop patterns for backgrounds.
  18. Photoshop Patterns // OptikTutorials
    A simple pattern pack containing 50 patterns.

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