Killer CSS Navigation: Everything You Need to Design Sweet CSS Menus

When you’re looking for a clean and simple navigation menu, CSS is the way to go. Aside from being easy-to-use, CSS menus are also pretty lightweight compared to their flash/javascript counterparts (not to mention much easier to set up and customize). We’ve got exactly what you need to build your entire CSS-based navigation. Be sure check out our article on color psychology when deciding on your navigation colors.

Motivational Examples

We’ve discovered some great galleries of CSS navigation menus to give your creative side a jumpstart.

CSS Navigation Tutorials

These here are some of the best tutorials for creating unique (but still user-friendly) CSS menus. They’re all easy to follow; you can pretty much create your whole navigation menu from just a few simple elements.

  • CSS only menus – This is a HUGE list of different CSS menu types and tutorials.
  • CSS Step Menu – Cody Lindley shows you how to make a cool step (aka wizard) menu.
  • Listamatic – Great tutorials on how to create CSS menus from lists.

CSS Navigation Templates and Generators

If you’re in need of quick, no-hassle navigation, take a look at these hot templates and generators; they’re all pretty easily customized, so yours won’t end up being a clone.

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