43 Exceptionally Useful AJAX Applications

Posted by Justin

Usability on websites is exploding right now. AJAX has enabled web developers everywhere to add functionality to their sites like never before. I’ve gathered 43 extremely useful (but still easy to implement) AJAX applications for use on any website. Keep your users coming back and increase your website’s functionality.

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Galleries And Images

  • AJAX Slideshow
    Create a dynamic AJAX slideshow.
  • GreyBox
    GreyBox is a tiny (22kb) script that opens a window with whatever content you like.
  • E2 Photo Gallery
    A free, open-source, AJAX enabled gallery for your website.
  • ZenPhoto
    ZenPhoto is a very lightweight, very powerful photo gallery with AJAX features.
  • Litebox
    Litebox is the AJAX version of Lightbox. It’s just as powerful and only a fraction of the size.
  • Mini Showcase
    Mini Showcase is a lightweight AJAX powered gallery.
  • Flickr Show
    Use this AJAX script to put a flickr slideshow on your website.
  • AJAX Banner Rotation
    AJAX banner rotation. Rotated banner ads and even chunks of HTML.

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Reader Comments

  1. Vlad - October 6th, 2007

    Very nice scripts.
    Keep them coming :)

    Than you

  2. Gautam - October 8th, 2007

    Looks really useful. Thnx for the post!!

  3. 43 Exceptionally Useful AJAX Applications - Hosam Kamel - October 8th, 2007

    [...] the 43 applications here http://www.designvitality.com/blog/2007/10/43-exceptionally-useful-ajax-applications/ Posted: Oct 08 2007, 10:04 PM by HosamKamel | with no comments Filed under: [...]

  4. Øyvind Sean Kinsey - October 8th, 2007

    First of all, the use of the term AJAX in this context is erroneous as at most half of the samples actually use AJAX.
    AJAX is the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or in most cases Asynchronous JavaScript and JSON.
    The use of the term ‘web 2.0′ would probably be better suiting in the title than AJAX.

    One should also be careful when implementing such features as asynchronous loading of content since this seriously affects searchability, and this amongst other factors should be mentioned.

    Other than that, its a nice collection of inspirational applications, but they do need some considering before being implemented.

  5. HaMoo - October 8th, 2007

    Thanks !!

  6. vikram - October 8th, 2007

    Yes very very nice. Keep the good work going.

  7. cksachdev - October 8th, 2007

    Nice Collection

  8. Webdiyer - October 8th, 2007

    Useful links,thanks! This post has been linked here: dotneturls.com/resources/320/43_Exceptionally_Useful_AJAX_Applications.aspx

  9. Tobias Zimmergren - October 9th, 2007

    Nice collection of useful scripts.

  10. Gopinath M - October 9th, 2007

    Waht a cool content buddy. Great collection. Thanks you very much. Soon I’ll use these applications on my sites

  11. qureyoon - October 9th, 2007

    this is a very nice list !
    most of the so called 100 or 50 or 20 list, usually just started with the top 10 that include screenshots and description, after that they just put the link.

    but yours, although the description is pretty much short, have all the screenshots ! and that is all i need ;)

    nice one ! you have a new subscriber ;)

    *bookmarked !

  12. Rene - October 9th, 2007

    cool javascript list but some of them seem that are not ajax just javascript

  13. AlE - October 9th, 2007

    Demasiado buenos los scripts!!!

  14. Alex Bell - October 9th, 2007


    I liked your blog, it was fun to read. I look for blogs all the time that can influence me to come up with unique ideas for my blog.

    Alex Bell.

  15. Franck - October 10th, 2007

    Great resource. I have mentioned it on my Web site.

  16. Tim - October 14th, 2007

    I love this list and I plan to try some of the examples.

    I balked when I saw “polls” listed at #2. As Slashdot disclaims: If you use them for anything serious, you are insane.

  17. sola solarium - October 19th, 2007

    amCharts looks really great, thanks for that tip!


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