Logo Design: 10 Links to Help You Design a Better Logo

Your logo is the most important factor in your brand’s identity and it has a huge impact on how users perceive your website, or company. So avoid making the Digg front page for having one of the web’s worst logos, and get started on your new fresh logo design today.

Some Logo Design Inspiration

Stuck trying to design that logo? Here are some good places to help you break through that designer’s block.

1.LogoPond: A great source of Logo Design Inspiration


2. Corporate 2.0: If Major Corporations had 2.0 Logos

Corporate Goes 2.0

Logo Creators: The Fastest Way to a New Logo

Albeit it won’t be the best, this is a great resource for getting a new Logo done fast when you are strapped for time. Also works for creating a placeholder logo while you work on the real deal.

3. Creatr: The Web 2.0 Logo Creator


4. ImageTool: Online Logo Creator


Sources for Logo Design Tutorials

Looking for a certain style for your new logo? Between the two sources below, there are 64 logo design tutorials to choose from.

5. eLogoDesign: 50 Logo Design Tutorials


6. LogoTutorials: 14 Logo Design Tutorials. A few of them are worth a look.


Some Popular Logo Design Tutorials

Out of all the logo design tutorials available at the sources above, these are some of the ones that got the best feedback.

7. Alleba: How to Make a Web 2.0 Logo


8. BAMagazine: Designing a Logo with just Letters


9. SpoonGraphics: Designing a Logo: From Concept Sketches to Completion

Spoon Graphics

10. DigitalWeb: The Process of Re-designing a Logo


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